Self-Care Snow Day

winter snow day

Self-Care Snow Day Vibes Snow days are the perfect days to make them all about self-care. It’s the perfect time because you’re stuck in the house with nowhere to go. All the things you’ve been putting off doing, now is the time to get it done. I’ll be sharing a few things I like to […]

It’s a New Year and New Opportunities

new year, new opportunities. Journal to write down new year intentions

New Year, New Opportunities It’s a new year with new opportunities, a clean slate to start over and change whatever it is that you want to change. If you haven’t started yet than now its the time to work toward your goals. I personally write down my goals that I want to work on and […]

Benefits of Daily Affirmations

Benefits of daily affirmations. journal and pen

Daily Affirmations      Benefits of daily affirmations do they really work? I believe they do yes. But you can tell yourself positive motivations all day, but if you don’t do anything about them then nothing happens. You have to actually take action with those positive affirmations. If you’re struggling with self-confidence and need a […]

3 Ways to Tackle Holiday Blues

holiday blues

Tackle Holiday Blues What are the holiday blues, how to tackle holiday blues? The holiday blues are when you are feeling down and depressed that last during the holiday season. November and December can cause people to feel stressed, anxious and lonely. It’s a time where everyone is spending time with loved ones and being […]

Making Self-Care a Priority

Making self-care a priority, "I am Diosa"

Continuing Self-Care and Making it a Priority Life is crazy right now in this world, so we can’t forget to keep making self-care a priority. We can’t forget to take care of ourselves because without that, we crumble. There are so many things that we can do to practice self-care. You could work out, make […]

Setting Boundaries is a Must

What are Boundaries? What are boundaries? Boundaries are expectations on how you would like to be treated and how they fulfill your needs as a person. It’s important to establish them in all your relationships, friends, family and romantic relationships. That leads me into how to take care of yourself mentally. Self-care is more than […]

Surrounding Yourself with Positive Relationships

Choose Your Friends Wisely When you think of your life, do you think, happiness, peace and positivity? I know I do. Surrounding yourself with positive relationships will help with that.  Don’t get me wrong we all have days where we feel negative and down, it’s only natural. We just have to know when to snap […]

Fabulous Skin: Here’s my night skin care routine!

Night Skin Routine      This gives beauty rest a whole new meaning. Along with getting a good night’s rest to avoid having puffy eyes in the morning, your night time skin care routine is just as important as your morning routine. This is when your skin care products can take time to work without […]

First Things First: Morning skin care Routine!

     Morning Skin Glow      Everyone dreams of having beautiful, blemish free, smooth skin, but unfortunately that doesn’t happen overnight or on its own. We have to put in the time to try products that may or may not work for our skin. So sometimes it can be a lot of trial and […]